Anyone can become a principal performer

The media project about Covid-19 has brought together 13 dancers from different countries around the world. Among them there are a student of the Vaganova Ballet Academy, Russia, a cross-dressing dancer from Australia (he performed in both of his roles), a soloist from an American group from the Joffrey Ballet School that unites patients with diabetes, and other dancers from the USA, Panama, Estonia, Serbia, Italy, Spain, and Lithuania.

The project author and choreographer Alexandra Tokareva explores the meditative depth of loneliness of people from different countries in the world affected by the pandemic. She uses choreography to tell her own story (including the story of being sick with Covid-19), to share the fear of losing a loved one, and also to show the isolation which seemed to be endless.

THE ENDLESS SPRING 2020 is a participatory media project. After the first 38 seconds, the viewer will be able to select any dancer just by a single click of the mouse to watch his or her performance in detail in the opened window. This emphasizes that every dancer in this choreographic production is the soloist. Each one’s performance is as unique as experiencing a tragedy, illness and coming back to life.

Director and Choreographer: Alexandra Tokareva
Co-author: Zoya Glazacheva
Music: Mark Erdman
Make-up Artist: Tatiana Visagina
Website development: Roman Slobodenyuk

Project participants:

Special thanks for the help to Eugene Tyulkin, Kremena Antonova and our partners «Musical Klondike».

Instagram: theatre_tokareva
WhatsApp: +79811270535